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EDEN Foaming Facial Cleanser - 15oz

EDEN Foaming Facial Cleanser - 15oz

SKU: 364215375135191
EDEN Foaming Facial Cleanser is a black soap based cleanser which is made from ash & bark of freshly harvested plantain, shea tree bark, coconut oil, cocoa pods etc. & then is cured.
If you find your skin feeling squeeky clean after use & you are worried your natural oils have been stripped, don't worry, they haven't. Black soap is an antibacterial & antimicrobrial ingredient that will balance your skins oils, fighting acne & reducing fine lines. Be sure to follow cleansing with EDEN Nourishment Face Oil.
EDEN Foaming Facial Cleanser contains all natural ingredients that will fight off blemishes, reduce age spots & aid in eczema, while leaving your skin feeling fresh.  This cleanser will give you best results if you use it daily. EDEN Foaming Facial Cleanser has anti-inflammatory properties & is rich in vitamin a & e, along with iron which will combat free radicals, & helps with skin concerns such as rosacea & premature aging. 
EDEN Foaming Facial Cleanser contains vegetable glyscerin that will help cleanse your skin without clogging your pores, aid in regeneration of new skin, even out your skin tone & moisturize while cleaning. Witch Hazel is another ingredient in this cleanser & it will relieve inflammation & help tighten your pores. 
-for all skin types; low in protiens that trigger allergies & does not contain chemical irritants kown to dry skin & clog pores.
-natural antringent properties (balances oil production while tightening the skin)
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