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109 Old Kingston rd

SATURDAY MAY 20th 10am - 4pm
SUNDAY MAY 21st, 2023 10am - 4pm

Pickering Village is a beautiful community that is very welcoming to new events and supporting local businesses. We will be in a location where the community is used to coming for new events and activities. We will be on the corner of Elizabeth st and Kingston rd where we will have the traffic from the homes, along with the busy street traffic from Kingston rd.

LET'S BLOOM is occurring during spring, when there is renewal for us. New opportunities are available during this time and that is why LET'S BLOOM will be a celebration of second chances and fresh beginnings. We will have vendors selling their handmade products, horses, food, arts and crafts for the children, a complimentary oxygen

bar and more! So throw on your favorite floral outfit, or slide a bloom behind your ear and come celebrate with us!

How to Apply


It is important to go over the market guidelines before you submit your application. Your application must be completed in full in order to be accepted for the market. Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed. If you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation email which will prompt you to send your vendor fee to complete the application process and save your vendor space. 


GUIDELINES & Other Information

1. Tents will not be provided.We require that each vendor be in unison. White tents are required. Tents must be 10 ft by 10 ft. Each vendor will receive a 10 ft by 10 ft space. Any table cloths used must be black.

2. Peace of Healing Markets does not make any commission from the vendors sales. 100% of the vendor sales go to the vendors.

3. The market is rain or shine.

4. Booth selection is made prior to the market and is at random. 

5. Peace of Healing Markets heavily promotes via social media, community signage & various websites such as Eventbrite, Universal and AllEvents. We will provide vendors with the appropraite digital photos to promote, along with the vendor list. We strongly encourage you to follow and support one another. Follow for vendor highlights.

6. We will be kind, respectful and honest with the vendors and expect to have the same in return. We will not tolerate any threatening or disrespectful behavior of any kind. We strive to offer a space where community can be built and meaningful professional relationships can thrive.

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