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It was when I began to be more conscious with what I was putting into and onto my body that these products were born. 
I was not going to be told what was acceptable to eat anymore, and I no longer was going to be told what was "normal" to apply to my skin. So I started taking matters into my own hands and teaching myself. I wanted a lifestyle that I felt in control of and one that I had my own knowledge of. I wanted to show my children that knowledge is power, and having a long, healthy and fruitful life is achievable.
I began looking for ingredients that were going to add value to my life, and my skin. It all started in my kitchen where my sons and I would mix and stir to make these products. It started with my family and friends using the products and loving them, so I decided to share them with you!

Now at Peace of Healing, we provide you a safe and clean option for skin, hair and self-care products. We pray you find peace in using our products.



As I spent more time as a small business owner, I quickly got intrigued by all the hard working entrepreneurs I was surrounded by. I then began the Instagram page Peace of Healing Local Love, where I shared different small businesses products and services with the community. I believe that many people are deciding to support small and local as they learn more about the large corporations. I believe that many people would prefer to support small businesses and support a family, then give their money to a large business and fuel a CEO's jet.

Peace of Healing Markets Inc strives to bring small businesses the opportunity to connect their customers in different locations. We also want to allow for small businesses to connect with one another and build a strong and positive community.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming markets or events.

Sending you peace | love | & blessings.

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